May 21, 2006

sitti was a friend of mine*

"hey, wanna watch sitti sings bossa nova at the tavern on tuesday night?" read a text message from blanche the other day.

and i was like, hmm. bossa nova, something mamu would probably dig. blanche wasn't sure about entrance fees, but she said the album rocks.

as for me, i wasn't really familiar with bossa nova as a genre per se; what caught my attention was the name, sitti. i was like, hmm. weird name, and then, hmm, i used to go to school with a girl named sitti.

and then, hmm, the girl sitting behind me in my grade 2 section was named sitti.

could it be?

i half-confirmed my hunch when krista and i passed by one of her posters in sm north. you know how people don't really change that much, face-wise? or maybe it's just that you still see a semblance of the eight-year-old version of someone after 13 years? perhaps.

you see, before i entered bene, i used to study in a school in las piñas called st. francis of assisi college. thank god for preschool graduation rites, i actually managed to graduate on top of my class for once in my life -- in prep. haha. *blush* anyway. that's a different story altogether.

sitti and i were classmates in second grade, under ms zeny bonifacio (i think, i hope i got her name right), a petite, mild mannered woman we called our adviser. i always sat up front because i'm this really small kid, and in grade school, seating arrangements were usually by height hehe. and sitti sat right behind me. i vaguely remember another name, an alvin uy. i think the three of us were 'friends' -- whatever the definition of 'friend' one could have at grade two. wonder where alvin is now.

(i transferred to bene the following school year because i -- well, actually, my mother and i -- had an ugly fight with my math teacher and the school administrators in general. don't ask. or maybe, some other time)

and so, going to work on a sunday sucks, but seeing an old friend at the cover of sunday inquirer magazine kind of makes it worthwhile. lupit. and all the confirming details were there -- her surname as i remembered it, the school we both went to. it's a pity i didn't know she also went to UP, we could've bumped into one another, had coffee or something.

the world is so small -- sometimes it's suffocating, it's already oppressive; but times like this... times like this, you're just glad the world can be so familiar, it makes you smile.

* my apologies to the killers.