June 2, 2006

this lack of new layout is brought to you by

Apparently, all of my computers are in cavite, having been sent to the shop over the weekend. The big black PC's problem was the keyboard, the laptop's problem was the hard disk... and if I ever decide to go on and on about this, it's going to sound really dorky.


Wait, I have decided to get on with this dork talk.

So you see, a few weeks ago, the black PC's keyboard conked out -- press one letter, you'll come up with five, and for a while, my sister's chat messages and livejournal entries needed decrypting. she was okay with that -- it's her unit, after all. She decided to put up with it for a while, until... Well, until she couldn't anymore. hehe.

so the weekend before her birthday, my folks dropped by to haul it away, with the laptop in tow.

now the laptop's a different story altogether -- despite having bought it a cooling pad of sorts a few weekends ago (oh how i love strolling SM North's Cyberzone during my day off haha), it's still displaying this "imminent hard disk failure" kind of notice before start-up. It DOES start-up eventually, though. but still, i still have to F1 my way into the log on screen, know what i'm saying?

and there. on sunday, a day before my sister's birthday, they brought the two units to the shop. great.

until it suddenly wasn't great, especially after my sister found out that stupid moron of a technical person did not have a morsel of brain to consider BACKING UP PERTINENT FILES.

yes you heard that right.

oh all those barry manilow mp3s limewire has graciously provided us. *cries* good thing my sister had already transferred her 2nd sem files to the external hdd. mehn. shit happens all the time!

so now. the maginhawa apartment is without both computers. yes, i survived more than two nights without a computer *sniff* bless my friends for night outs.

so you see, this old layout is not just because of my laziness. hehe. excuses, excuses, yeah.