June 5, 2006

happiness is...

having a sister.

* * *

for her eighteenth birthday, my sister originally wanted a birthday bash -- something akin to a debut celeb, only less... formal dress-y. something intimate with a few of her friends, say at a restaurant. something with a little dancing, and a little costume. (initially, the proposal was to have a costume party with the theme, "Spongebob meets Noah's Ark and Pirates of the Carribean" -- whatever that looks like, i guess we can never tell. hehe.)

and though we had price listings of at least five restaurants in Eastwood and Katipunan compiled in our apartment, we just had a quaint birthday celeb with family at home. this is largely due to the family financial crisis also known as enrollment SY 2006-2007, which she recognized graciously.

from me, her now-employed sister, she actually wanted a spa session as gift. but we settled for a binge-fest along katipunan that day off before her birthday, since my budget cannot shoulder a spa session for two, and there was no way she was going in alone. i guess the whole chismis about getting naked kind of scared her.

anyway. so. where was i? ah. binge fest. why i'm writing about a very pleasurable food experience (no, not that kind, pervs.) this late, well -- inexcusable. but well.

despite the obvious discrepancy between our body sizes, you have to believe me when i say i enjoy pigging out with my sister because she's such a worthy opponent. hahaha. seriously.

* * *

speaking of serious.

madam president, there is no classroom shortage? because 100 students use a single room. ah, ok.

kung konti nga lang naman ang ulam, liitan na ang plato. TRUE.