June 13, 2006

fathers know best

so. fathers' day week, and where i work, they're sort of compiling contributions for "the best advice your father has ever given you".

my dad's a man of very few words -- okay, this is not an excuse for not talking that much, but i guess, there are other factors that play into this: one, he used to be a pilot (now retired), and thus he's out most of the time; two, i moved out for college and am still out; three, now he's usually in bohol, attending to business there.

but that doesn't mean he hasn't had enough opportunities to pass life tips my way. (i.e. concrete nails are for concrete, the like.)

it's a pity though that i actually have no vivid coming-out story involving my dad (of course, the first issue that would come to mind, eh?) -- that would have made a good fathers' day entry, wouldn't it? heh.

but as it was, i think my aunt just went on ahead to speak for the both of them: You're old enough, you know what you're doing. it was just like that time they found a pack of cigarettes in my room.

come to think of it, i'm not so sure anymore that my father knows i'm into girls. but then, it's really near impossible that my aunt could have kept it to herself -- i mean, it's just the three of them at home, and i really don't think she's ever considered talking to my nine-year-old brother about it, right?

but really, just to show that i do remember something profound from my father, i will quote his "blessing" when he said yes to me and blockmates and puerto galera a couple of years back: "Whatever you do, always leave room for retreat." (pedroso, 2004)

-- which, i think, probably referred to either drugs or sex or tattoos. (i wonder why i didn't say 'Don't worry dad, I'm soft-core' or 'Good news dad: I am neither doing drugs nor boys' *smirk* or 'Not to worry about pregnancy, and I don't smoke pot, just cigarettes' -- oh the sea of things i could have said. haha.)

which is why i love my dad -- he's not exact, he's not the perfectionist that my mother was (what a fine balance, my genes are actually). he doesn't just leave room for mistakes, he's actually encouraging me to Hey, go on, try but make sure you have some space to back up into in case you find out it's not pretty pala. ♥ -- and he doesn't mean it in an all too obvious attempt to reverse pscyhologize me, the way my mom would have (hehe).

plus. tell me how a dad who recommends Sun Tzu's "Art of War" and the 48 Rules of Power to his eldest daughter can be not cool, huh? tell me.

"No, it's not for you to practice them on other people -- it's so you know when other people are actually doing it to you."

nicely said, dad. :) you may say little, but the things you do say kind of have this tendency to cling. :)

happy dad's day!