June 26, 2006

so, what did you have for breakfast?

if you ask me this question, i'd have to say i ate a busted heater, a burnt extension cord and a compound-wide power outage for breakfast this morning.


you see, i was happily dreaming about buying a delicious loaf of bread from a bakeshop when something in my dream suddenly exploded. i'm like, whoa, my dream has a terrorist angle? something's amiss.

i was right. i woke up to my sister's hushed cursing. apparently, she plugged in the water heater and it, well, exploded.

before anybody panics, no, we didn't burn anything down. it was 7:30 a.m., for crying out loud, and i was sleepy as hell. my older sister tendencies failed to come to life. "um, are you hurt?" i asked my sister, and when she said no, i promptly returned to my dream of yummy, non-explosive bread.

such is the life with an older sister like me.

i woke up, it was 9 am and boy, was it dark. turns out the mini-explosion had shut the power in our unit down. great.

minutes after waking up, my father called. he said i should try turning the main switchboard back on, see if the fuse is still okay. so i did.

heh. guess who forgot to unplug the damaged extension cord?


to make a long story short (borrowing this line from my boss, btw - heheh cy!), by turning our unit's main switchboard back on, i set the extension cord on fire and i managed to single-handedly plunge the whole COMPOUND into darkness. at 9:30 a.m.

it was a classic oh shit moment.

i heard my neighbors getting out of their units, asking kuya philip if he heard that explosion. i locked my door, unplugged the extension cord and went back to sleep. hahahahahahha.

my father called shortly after. "Okay na?"

i'd wanted to say, why didn't you tell me to unplug that thing first!? but then i just said, by doing as i was told, i could've busted the entire building's electrical system.

my father, epitome of cool: ah, they'll just have to reset their switchboard then.

true enough, when i woke up at 10:15 a.m., everything was well. stupid extension cords, grrr.