July 30, 2006

the house where i (don't) live

you know you don't live there anymore when you barely remember which toothbrush in the bathroom is yours. my aunt had pointed out that mine was the larger red one -- good for everybody she said something before i picked up the white and purple one.

it gets rarer and rarer these days, going home. i'd say, lately it's been mostly due to the rains. other times, i guess i'd say i'm just too tired to resist the utter convenience of hitching a ride to qc with the company's shuttle.

there are weekends i find it imperative that i go home -- mostly, to recharge. nothing revives me better than a few home-cooked meals, after subsisting mainly on fastfood and canned goods to get by on most days. trained to fend for own self since college, this girl. the things you trade in for freedom. anyway.

our house in cavite has three bedrooms, and one of them used to be mine. i still used to sleep there in college, but then, i started working, and owing to the fact that i stopped coming home on weekends, my parents thought it best to prop the bed up against a wall and use it as some sort of laundry storage room or something.

the other room used to be a guest room. now it's a library and music room of sorts -- it's my glam term for a room where they stock my father's old books, my sister's and brother's violins and my guitar.

when i go home these days, i sleep in the lower bunk of the double deck inside my parents' bedroom. that's where everybody sleeps now, in my parents' bedroom. it's the largest bedroom in the house, and it has at least three beds - a regular bed, a double bed, and a sofa bed. my sister's in the top bunk, i in the lower bed, my brother beside me, and then auntie, and then dad.

yep, all five of us in a room. i mean, it only happens twice a month -- if we're lucky.


in other news.

this morning, as dad and auntie drove me to the bus terminal in metropolis alabang:

dad: kaya ka sinisipon eh. allergic rhinitis yan. naninigarilyo ka kasi.

man, if i remember it right -- this is the first time my father had ever addressed my smoking habit directly.

me: ok.

dad: ganyan din ako dati eh. tumigil ako nung inubo ako. ayun nawala rin.

me: i'll quit when i'm ready, dad. :)

haha. my dad is the new old cool.