Nov. 23, 2006

birthday greetings

i’ve always maintained the stance that if ice hadn’t been a blockmate of mine, i would’ve tried to court her. *grin* but seriously, friends do not come on to each other, much less hit on each other, so no. she may be brilliant and exhilirating, but we’re really just friends. hehehe.

but then, as one conversation once went, it does look like in the end, well, it will be you and me, though in a completely platonic kind of way (definitely haha)–sitting one late night in a coffee shop, or scouting for wedding gifts. or singing to the cranberries’ “when you’re gone” while driving home slightly drunk. or watching the latest harry potter installment.

honestly i’m kind of looking forward to doing all that.

and while i absolutely wish that you’d have a splendid partner you could spend the rest of your life with… i can’t help wondering where i’d be when that happens. (well, we say whoever goes first, ayt? heh. yeah right.)

happy birthday.