Dec. 3, 2006


the good thing about Christmas and Decembers is that they make you feel like every day’s Friday. *loves* seriously. before i could get hold of myself, i was belting out to a ryan cayabyab mp3 of “kumukutikutitap” that i never knew we had in the first place. (along with jackson 5 (!!!) christmas songs, yeboi)

while doing the laundry. on my dayoff. yes, december dayoffs are made of these (and slow luxurious baths). hahaha.

so. now that christmas is fast approaching, my mates over here in the department have been thinking of our own mini-christmas party:

officemate-boss: so instead of exchange gifts, raffle na lang.

officemate#2: okay ba yun? pera o contrib?

officemate-boss: kung contrib ano? Kyowa ganun?

me: kahit ano. (beat) pwede kung contrib e imbes na Kyowa sarili na lang? parang gift of self, ganun?

officemate#2: pag ako nakabunot, pwedeng i-reject?

me: hmpf.

so after that rejection, i shared my gift-of-self idea to julie, who was all for it.

me: di ba, gift of self!

julie: oo, tapos sasabihin ko kay *toot* exchange gift kami!

see? everybody happy here. *sigh*