Dec 29, 2006

the post-birthday post

just came in from vacation, and workload has been hell, hence no postage.

and seriously, there are probably no words for these past few days, a.k.a. my last days as a 21-year-old, a.k.a. my birthday.

seriously. no words.

but i can try and say nothing beats waiting for the clock to strike twelve with friends from college while raiding somebody else’s room;

or, that somebody got me flowers this year. and cake. and wine. and all this, single (who needs a boyfriend?)!

or, that nothing says happy birthday better than tequila body shots. (overshare, most likely)

but really.

what a good day to realize how blessed i’d been

(now under this is mostly overshare, you’d been forewarned)

27 Dec
birthday eve spent mostly with yeba, talking about… male shitting in urinals and the use of socks.

i refuse to say any more.

28 Dec
d-day. workload was hell. proof of this was the fact that i had no inkling that anybody had anything up their sleeves. and i went to work at 10-freaking-fifteen in the morning! i had no clue until late in the afternoon!

wasakrew, you guys are absolutely nuts! hahahah. and you, you are nuts i laaaaab! christ.

i got flowers and wine and cake on my birthday. this trumps my debut even (which, btw, i did not have). hehe. =) i feel horrible we had to be interrupted by, yes, even more work guh. how i wish we could’ve camwhored all night hehe.

seriously. to wasakan we go, to WASAKAN!

29 Dec
went out with girls next door edz and rida for the birthday edition of our whorenyts (oh yes there are incriminating pictures that i am saving for later) @ pier1 in morato; girls got drunk with tequila; excluding me, definitely; stayed sober so as to enjoy body shots (again with the overshare!); and no, there will be no photos of that.

edz+rida=best unwrapped birthday presents. in more ways than one. bwahahaha.

okay, stopping now.