Jan 1 2007

starting the year right

of course, this year as with last year i am beginning the year 1) at work and 2) blogging. hehe. i guess, a good enough start.

so. new years resolutions, anyone?

(another set of things to break)

okay, im upgrading a few ones ive kept:
-write more than i did in 2006
-go out and get drunk/caffeinated more with friends than i did in 2006
-get my hands on more books than i did in 2006

also, hopelessly cling on to re-enact (parang budget ba) a few of the ones i had fallen short of:
-learn make-up theory and put to practice
-learn cookery
-cut down on cigarettes
-get into regular exercise regimen and stick to it for fine arms come summer

and then some more:
-write in paper journal more (writing is not pasting receipts, kate)
-meet new people
-go on the fin blind date, for crying out loud.
-go on vacation out of Luzon (good luck)
-get in new, productive, functional, emotionally stable, out in open relationship. (kaya ba, kate? kaya?)

and also:
-take more pictures
-attend high school friends saturday dinners as often as possible