Feb. 8, 2007


while it could be somewhat logically deduced that all iíve been up to lately in this life is, well, getting drunk on paydays, that is not necessarily true. no, seriously.

take for example, um, did you know i actually managed to sprain myself last week? not as a result of some vigorous athletic activity, mind you, but while crossing the street, near the MRT. while crossing the street! i am such a wimp. plus, the weight issue wasnít exactly a big help either (pun unintended) because, um, the heavier you are, the worse sprain you get from stepping into small potholes on the road.

and so there i was, limping like hell (i was already on my way to work, impractical to go back home to get rid of the shoes), and well, that night i verified upon getting home that i had a very bad swollen ankle. but that didnít stop me from going to timezone for a very recent 23-year-oldís birthday bash:

my footís okay now; iíve been wearing ankle support for the past week and slippers for at least three days. i almost lost my toes to frostbite. but anyway, my toes and feet are okay now, thanks to everyone who sympathized and did not mock me for my stupidity. haha.

oh well. aside from that. iíve been kind of busy (naks) because of global warming and well, now, these new crabs off panglao island. i know i know theyíre not just crabs, but if i say molluscs crustaceans (See correction edit below), itís actually too scary for me. so iím sticking to crabs.

(EDIT: 2/9/7, morning

me: may ginagawa akong bagong istorya, tungkol sa mga bagong hayop sa panglao.
krista: (not even taking off eyes from pc monitor) wow.
me: me mga bago atang crabs.
krista: (still not looking) wow.
me: di ba yun yun? crabs? mollusks? pareho lang yun di ba?
krista: (finally turns to me) ate naman, mollusks and crabs are completely different things.
me: okay. i stand corrected.

and so i am.)

i have lots and lots of stories to tell, i just couldnít gather my bearings right now (haha bering strait) so yeah.

who doesnít agree that that poster for super twins on gma is going to go places? (oh jennylyn. okay, iím embarrassed now.)