Feb 13, 2007

happy single-awareness day (or, happy s.a.d.)

coined c 2003-04 (ata) and still going. hehe.

reposting old invite:
ASK (Alalahaning Single Kami): Happy S.A.D. (Single Awareness Day) 2007 with TIIS (TangIna I’m Single), TISA (Tang’na I’m Single Again), NBSB (No Boyfriend Since Birth), SBCC (Single by Choice or Circumstance), SBD (Single by Default), SPS (Single na Pinagchachagaan ang Stuff toy/Single na Pinagchachagaan *ng* Stufftoy) and TIGANG (self-explanatory).

sama-sama tayong lahat! yihaaaa!!!

bawal ang me jowa. hehehehe.


this afternoon i was tasked to write about an SWS release on love being blind. turns out 7 in 10 filipinos said yes when asked, “Naniniwala ho ba kayo sa kasabihang ‘Ang pag-ibig ay bulag’?” seriously. that was verrrry hard to write with a straight face.

and then somebody called asking for prices of long stemmed roses. which prompted me to call Holland Tulips (P195/piece - peach, orange, white only, no more red), Flowers by Sylvia (P200/piece, local, excluding delivery charge) and of course, Encarnacion Bechaves (because you care enough to send the very best - P1,800/dozen red roses).

sabi nga ni cy — “Ang mahal magmahal, ano?”



last year, my sister and i watched rex navarrete at megamall. hehe. that was a good valentines date, imho.

tomorrow morning, i am in charge of getting the tickets for a movie ice and i are catching. because i’m a wonderful friend-date like that.

i was actually supposed to write about how you never look at a person you’re still in love with quite the same way, no matter how hard you try — there’s that look you give a person. sitting beside her on public transport or across her in the food court or standing beside her in line. just something. something.

but since i am pressed for time (let it be remembered i spent this valentines eve slaving over crabs), i guess i’ll just have to try doing that some other day.