Feb 26, 2007

your middle nameís trouble / iím mad about you

for godís sakes why am i driving in the wrong lane? - ďmad about youĒ, hooverphonic

and so. remember that panglao thing i was doing on valentinesí eve? iíd slaved over it for a little over a week, and it got out yesterday. and i really wish you could get a glimpse of how the arts department completely made the whole page more exciting with all those shell photographs, because seriously? the presentation is superb.

(and on a completely naive embarrassing note, i actually tore the page and posted it on our wall. because itís our room and krista likes it too. seriously. no, basically itís so my parents see it when they visit. no, really.)

anyway. iíve been everywhere doing everything (well, not exactly everything) from absorbing other peopleís love lives and tragedies (spreads the hugs) and getting drunk and hoarse and attending baby showers (hehe). so yeah, work may suck but at least my social lifeís intact.

on a different note: oh. god. (wonít elaborate)