March 1, 2007

making coffee

but first, this.

scene: early morning, feb 28, in our room.

krista: ate, may malaki akong pabor na hihingin sa iyo.

me: ano yun?

krista: magbaon ka naman ng sandwiches.

me: (malaking pabor?) um. bakit?

krista: (pauses then unleashes evil laugh. uh-oh.) kasi mag-e-expire na yung tinapay natin. nakalimutan kong wala palang 29, 30 at 31 ang february eh march 1 yung expiration.

me: (laughs along hahaha so youuuu) sure.

i ended up having a (chocostripe) sandwich for breakfast and two for work. gave one to cy. ? sisters are lab. crazy, crazy <333


anyway. another breakfast innovation i finally decided on adapting is ditching instant coffee mixes. yep, you got that right, no more 3-in-1ís for me. as auntie would say, ďgrow up! make your own coffee!Ē

and so, on a not-so-sober-from-office-work night, i decided to pick up 200g of nescafe classic and a carton of milk from mercury drug in philcoa, determined that i am ready to ďgrow upĒ and make my own coffee.

and now it dawns on me how convenient 3-in-1 mixes actually are because apparently i canít make decent coffee to save my life. itís always too much of one thing ó too much black or too much sugar or, also equally often, too much milk (because have you ever tried mixing milk from a carton into a coffee mug? itís seriously messy.)

of course, the emo person that i normally am (itís the first week of the month, letís welcome and embrace the emo) i found myself messing up my second cup of the morning (i am substance-abusive like this), i realized how certain things in my life could be described oh-so-aptly by the term, timplahan.

(insert expletive here)

because come on, i seriously do not get you. i just donít. itís all too often i put in too much of something and then i feel too, i donít know, too much of an imbecile to be occupying a fragment of your time, and you know what? i drink it all in. especially when itís bitter because thereís too much coffee, i drink it in, and think how itís probably my fault.

and now, iím thinking i got it just right.

but you know what, right now, iím just about ready to make another unintended miscalculation. and then drink it all in. because thatís what i do.

[/end cryptic here, no, i donít think anybody has the winning answer.]