March 30, 2007

a hiatus

i remember how i used to lose sleep on the eve of a family outing ó the feeling of that irresistible childlike anticipation is utterly glorious. sometimes, all it takes is a whiff of coppertone off someone standing beside me on the metro train, and iím back to being this ten-year-old whoís trying SO HARD to get some shuteye, only to end up awake all that while anyway. i remember how, just for that time, the sound of utensils in the kitchen at 4 a.m. sounded so welcome, because it meant FINALLY: food and sun and water and CHLORINE. (hahaha freak)

anyway. iíll be away from here until friday. for a much needed recollection of self and reunion with family. hopefully iíll be back with loads of (not so incriminating) photographs and sabaw conversations with siblings. and a tanline. *g*

so i leave you with a very summer-y song:

camera shy by the lucksmiths :: Hereís me in 1981 / Squinting into a sinking sun / Ankle-deep in the Pacific / In the foreground are my friends / Grinning madly at the lens / They look heliolithic
Again in 1993 / A Polaroid you took of me / In a long-forgotten loungeroom / A hand outstretched before my face / The nervous smile, the downcast gaze / I didnít know myself around you
You seem surprised / And I see why: / You just realised Iím camera shy
So if itís not too much to ask / Letís just let the moment pass / I have no wish to be reminded / Of just how awkward I can be / Please donít point that thing at me / Your eyes are widening behind it
You seem surprised / And I see why: / You just realised Iím camera shy
Have a blessed Holy Week everyone!