April 25, 2007

a proper memorial

yesterday marked two years since graduation.

to say that a lot has changed since then would be predictable and terribly understated, but then, come to think of it, when I left mass comm two years ago, i took with me a lot of things – like my alcohol tolerance, for one. *g* and my generally cheery insane-self. and my preference for the spontaneous. and the masochistic. a few of the old vices and affairs. the friends i chose to hold onto.

but then, as moving on usually entails, there’s giving up sunken garden evenings and isaw afternoons. and yes, seemingly endless tambay hours, spent mostly eating fishball in front of the college of music while smoking winston lights (but only because of austerity measures), talking about dreams and failed affairs and summer getaways to be had when there’s money for them finally.

ironically, nobody ever talked about how we could lose these moments to eight-hour work-days and six-day work-weeks — at least, i don’t remember anything of the sort. though there was always that fear of being “absorbed by the system” and the occasional “being thrown out of Luzon or RP”.

if cy and i would count the times we’ve absently muttered something about going back to UP, we’d probably have a wall full of tally marks, and we kid you not.

but then again, we could go back, get a second degree or whatever. but you know what they always say — things never stay put.

if only things were the same. (but then that would be asking too much)