May 29, 2007

today is kristaís nineteenth birthday.

you all know my sister ó basically a genius, a workaholic, and my seemingly endless source of humorous anecdotes and somewhat useful scientific information (ladies and gentlemen, who hasnít heard of that tidbit about CLAMS?)

all grown up now, sheís currently in cavite as wyloís designated driver since he needs to get his anti-rabies vaccine shots at the RITM while auntie is away attending an important out-of-town funeral.

when we were younger, i used to practically hate her ó born barely four years apart, she and i never really got along well as children. i used to think she was something i had to bear, and it annoyed me that i had to look after her when i could barely get my performance in street basketball right, know what iím saying?

but then, ten years hence, she now stands as the only reason why i canít seem to move out of quezon city and into makati. sigh. sure sometimes days pass we donít really see each other because i come in so late and she gets out so early, and some days iím just plain unreasonably cranky over unclaimed laundry, but hell, sisters are just so much love, itís so hard imagining having to live apart at some point.

in the future, when money wouldnít necessarily be an issue at all, iíd prefer the both of us going off to the states to pursue further studies ó sheíd be a supergroovy biochemist while iíll be off getting a masterís degree in something or other, i donít know (haha).

or maybe not. maybe we could just hit the beaches all over the country and camwhore. wait, that sounds so much better.