Oct. 8, 2007

the art of getting lost

Or, alternatively, the art of non-maps, something that could come after this

taking off from another of cois moving comments to previous post. stellar commenter, that dude. me loffs him to pieces. <3

now i dont do poetry. let this stand as a warning. in college, everybody knows i took not one but two poetry electives, one in English and one in Filipino. imagine that, it took two electives for me to realize that i just. dont. do. poetry. in either language. hahaha.

but yeah, i did enjoy the readings. after all, it was in my CW 120 Poetry I elective that i met Rilke, and the word enjambment. hehe.

so yeah. talagang me disclaimer agad eh.

the art of getting lost

i would like to get lost
with you, in this bizarre maze of feeling, lost
in the tangle of these sheets, or out there
on streets that lead nowhere and everywhere
all the same, lost
as every turn is new, even as the alleys are familiar,
even if wed been here before, despite the fact
that you may have done these same things before, even as
i have an odd recollection of certain events, lost nevertheless
as every sensation, every feeling is inevitably new
with you.

i would like to get lost
with you, would like to grapple with directions,
fumbling with your hand in the dark, or with my eyes closed, uncertain
as to how certain things work, even as i seem to remember
how it used to be done. the truth is, as i am slowly realizing, that
similar things are done differently with different people, and that
each experience is new when done with somebody else.

hence here i am lost.

surprising how comfortable not knowing with you actually is, how handsome
the prospect of seeing everything like its the first time
id already gotten this far, armed
with what little sense of direction i had in my pocket then
and looking back at the convoluted
paths i had trod, my shoes now well-worn,
i guess it is time
to don new slippers and fall in stride, side by side
with you, with whom i am
currently getting lost
without a single worry in my anxious capricorn mind.

i would like to get lost
with you, for as long as it takes, for as long as it is
with you, whom i found after going around in circles for so long.

remember that time i told you, the universe has heard, and that
it is coming?
now that it has come to this, i believe,
the universe wants us to get lost all over
again, but together.
the destination as painted in the cosmos all along.