Oct. 31, 2007

a hiatus, again

after a long while, i am actually looking forward to visiting and cleaning my motherís grave this coming all souls/all saints day long weekend. hay. itís been a while since i was last at home for more than 20 hours. i look forward to oversleeping in my parentsí room and watching cable (!!) television and pigging out to auntieís ďhome cooked mealsĒ and drinking with my cousin mark and clandestinely smoking in our terrace haha.

basically i just miss home.

mom, iím coming home.

so this means iíll be out of coverage area (read: off the internet, ym, lj, facebook (i know!), etc) for the next few days. which means iíll also be away from office friends (sniff) and chief (sniff harder) for the next few days. so. you know my number. text me. hehe.

meantime, i leave you with my latest photobooth project ó a wallpaper! (gasp) ang adik lang e.

to those whoíd have long weekends, have a safe one.

at teka gusto ko pala i-share ang aming dorky kilig moment (parang asofterworld lang):