Nov. 17, 2007

and now, for your news roundup

i donít have enough time to write something pretty about this heartbreak, now that Dulce Saguisag has been laid to rest, and her husband of almost half a century was not even well enough to take a look at her one last time. the report on her final rites brought tears to my eyes. (kamusta naman yun mga mareng alli at tarra, diba? hagulgulan nation, come on) hits way too close to home, i suppose.

as their eldest son, rebo, put it: why do bad things happen to good people? makes me wonder too. i was 12 when i delivered my motherís eulogy ten years ago. canít remember what i said, everything was kind of hazy. i wish i had the foresight to keep that paper i had written it on.


and now for this: Weíre not gay -Sam and Piolo.

okay. suppose itís true. suppose sam and piolo *are* straight. then the fact that they have been accused wrongly of something may perhaps justify the libel charge against lolit solis.

hereís the thing that bothers me though. when people go about accusing other people of being geniuses, for example ó even if they really werenít ó would anybody bother filing a libel case, granted that this was technically a wrong accusation? of course not.

which brings me to another thing that bothers me - why is being labeled gay automatically taken as a negative imputation of sorts? i mean, eto na lang eh, i think iíd really have high respect for a public figure who would openly admit to homosexuality. seriously. aminin na lang kasi para wala nang intriga, igagalang pa kita.