Dec. 1, 2007

the art of surprises

it pretty much summed up what the past year has been all about - surprises, mostly. months of sneaking around behind the backs of people, planning parties clandestinely with a horde of all-too-willing cohorts.

the funny thing is, even when you had already been a part of the conspiracy countless times before, when you’re The It-Girl, you just NEVER KNOW. it’s amazing how oblivious i could get at times really (lalo na during really bangag times).

and this time, it was a day full of trillanes-related news on ANC. so yeah, oblivious much. and just exactly how much?

take this. the moment curfew was announced, cy said something about “a gimik in makati” — and i did NOT prod. (i just sulked in silence as to why cy did not tell me anything huhu)

turns out the gimik was… at my place.

i was completely as in completely oblivious. dindin and i had even gone to shopwise for last-minute shopping of the streetkid-christmas-party variety, only to find it closed because of the curfew. (turns out later dindin was also involved in the conspiracy wtf nationwide in scope! haha)

so anyway, when i got home, i noticed the lights were on. wow, at least, someone was at home waiting for me at the end of the day, i just thought, smiling wearily as i fiddled with my keys at the door.

and then the lights went out. (see, i was too tired to even think of anything kinky, you know.) i’m like, WHAT IS GOING ON?

at ito ang tumambad sa aking paningin:


moments later, i realized: Fuck! the surprise birthday party had come ONE MONTH EARLY!


Ito ang mga salarin. (from left: Tere my Gurl, Cy my Hun, Andrea chief <3)

me: gaano mo katagal tinago to sakin chief?

her: um… long enough.

how could i have spent almost every day with you and not have had any clue? any inkling at all?

i have the best girlfriends in the Universe. (thanks, Universe.)

note: haha “20-something” lang sa cake! aylavet!

salamat mga kapatid. short and sweet dahil sa curfew, pero it's the thought that counts and it counts. A LOT.

hahaha oo nga pala, ang party na ito ay para kay Rissa rin — na sinabwat nila pero di nila sinabihan na kasama rin pala siya sa It Girls! hahahahha panalong twist, na i’ll leave to tita rissa to make kwento in length. (winner ang expressions of surprise haha)

so again, thanks. here's to another year full of surprises. <3