Dec. 13, 2007

usapang health

scene: sa editorial pool. tahimik akong kumakain ng binigay sa akin na unidentified food object from korea ni tere (lasang mani, so i guess.)

managing ed: (sees me in the middle of a snack in the middle of the night; in trademark hoarse voice) YAN! wag kang maguilty na kumakain ka. basta after, you run! you exercise! itís good for your body!

me: (wtf? continues eating) yes sir.

editor in chief: (walks slowly toward managing ed) who are you preaching to?

managing ed: (gestures to the entire pool) sila, sabi ko lang mabuti sa katawan ang exercise at sports!

eic: (looks at me) bakit? ang laki na ng pinayat ni kate ah. sheís lost a lot of weight. di ba kate?

me: (swallows last of snack, smiles) sabi niyo po eh.

managin ed: YAN! yan ang maganda kate, mamimili ka ng kausap!

me: (laughs) natumbok niyo sir.

at least consistent si maíam. i remember that other time, i handed her a request and then she reached over to touch my tummy, saying, ďAng laki na ng pinayat mo ah.Ē hahaha. classic priceless moment, promise.

hmmm. this is kind of weird as i never (as in never) get any of these comments truthfully. (the only other person who says iíve lost weight is andrea, understandable because she is, after all, the girlfriend. not that i donít believe the things you say, chief. <3 you get what i mean.) now i'm not sure whether to be flattered that i am thinner or concerned in retrospect: was i really that big before? haha.

not that iím figure-conscious, because hello, ako? figure-conscious? nakakatawa lang siguro na me nakakapansin. hehe.