Dec. 22, 2007

christmas week

the downside of working for a daily is that there are no holidays. since the newspaper comes out everyday. except of course on the two sacred days of maundy thursday and good friday, which are absolutely the only days in the year the newspaper rests as a whole. (sagrado kung sagrado — outing na yan!)

oo holy week yun (or sabi nga ni schatz, holy-ween - pwede rin, extreme case ng holiday economics lang). ibig sabihin nun me pasok ng pasko at new year. but since uso naman ang shifting dito sa office, it’s either you report for work just on christmas or just on new year. this year i opted to report on christmas and to go on break on new year, isabit ko na birthday ko.

anyway. the PERKS of working in a daily is that everybody’s festive. really, seriously, festive. and when i say festive, i mean christmas parties every single day since the 17th. no, seriously. well, except thursday, which i had designated as a rest day for my liver but yeah.

so, by way of summary:

on the 17th we had the research christmas party; on the 18th, editorial party (di ako nanalo sa raffle, tama nga sila na inversely proportional ang luck ko sa raffle sa quality ng lovelife ko, oh well), 19th EPA party; 21st, block k1 get together christmas reunion party.

at. dahil wala akong digicam ito na lang:

top seven reasons why christmas rocks anyway

at yaman din lang na andito na tayo sa photos ng block christmas party sa wateringhole kagabi, insert ko na dito ang featured banter of the night:

ice: ano yung “busilak”?

me: parang… (struggles) parang ako.

ice: (gasp) lesbyana?

yun na. nabuo ang pasko ko bigla. hahaha. aylabyu ice. hehehe.