Dec. 27, 2007

2007 in retrospect

yes, i am so doing this before my birthday because by tomorrow, iím outta here. =) see you next year, kids. :)

new yearís resolutions may have included trying to quit smoking again, which i had horrendously failed.

however, had i promised to: write more (check), go out with friends more (check), catch more sun (check), get hooked to new shows (check) or fall in love with someone amazing (CHECK) ó well well well.


Hmm. in january i watched a movie: Loving annabelle
feature heartbreak moment: my parrot, buffy, dying - In memoriam, buffy


Oooh. a question on exes: Can we still be friends?
of course, when you start as friends, evolve into something else and then it doesnít work out, what do you do? throw away all that history? easier said than done.

is the month we start looking at options, turns out: the art of seamless hooking up
it was a valid question actually, now that it comes down to it. is this whole not-hooking-up-with-people-in-the-immediate-vicinity thing endorsed by some kind of worldwide body? iím pretty sure there isnít a code of ethics which identifies what you can and cannot do with friends (same and opposite, covering all possible permutations and orientations), and mostly itís individual standards of propriety that dictate what do and do not happen between people who claim to only have some kind of platonic bond.

someone got sunburnt this summer.
+ Subic!
+ Laiya uno: the art of good fridays -
and even then, emo sa gitna ng tag-init: the art of recycled love affairs
so it really begs the question. if people change over time anywayÖ does that mean itís okay to eventually pick up where you left off?

this year was good for fiction:
the art of fleshing out rumors, in ten parts -- (this is how it doesnít start. then this is how it does.)
and then even more skin and sun: la la la la uniooon

summer 2007 in retrospect - that was, hands down, the best summer iíve ever had. (pictures here)
futsal debut - no blood, no foul. still going strong six months hence

this was the month i lost half of my office mates and moved in to a new flat. in many ways, the start of a new era.
+ gaps and disconnects - the fact is this - i never really noticed they werenít there anymore. thanks to the cardigans.
+ androgynyt
+ the art of after
+ the art of moving - from quezon city to makati, and the 60+ comments in between.

dalawa lang ang entry, pero itong dalawa naman:
the art of bicycle rides - i had to put a disclaimer just to clarify this wasnít about a real person. haha. one of my favorite entries this year.
the art of death by awkward - eto na. eto yun eh.

and now for my favorite month.
the last time series
UP wins uaap cheerdance competition
the art of firsts - I loved you first. Before he did, before she came. I loved you first. Before you did. Before anything else. I loved you first. Before I knew it. Before I could know better. Before I could stop myself.
I loved you first. Before you told me you were leaving. Before we could even be properly friends. I loved you first before I realized I couldnít. Before I realized I could.

kiteflying - and then we have the one entry that clinched everything.
the art of happy endings - the one where we end singlehood. yihee.

the art of mixtapes - because first months are crucial.

you are all the air around me

the art of surprises - where my birthday comes one month early
love in a time of melancholia - But the year was what it was ó a year of getting together and letting go, of closing gaps and of tying up loose ends, of ending chapters and opening up new ones. Bipolar, a friend was wont to say.

sobrang tamad naman ng retrospect entry na ito. pasensya na, i was looking at a more decent one, but this day was ABSOLUTELY NERVE-FRAKKING INSANE. itís one of those days na kahit all hands on deck kayo e mahihirapan pa rin. hayy. buti na lang at leave na ako bukas.

and so. iíll see you when iím 23. haha.