Feb. 1, 2008

start february right with winterson

parang nananadya lang hahaha - someone just posted the LONGEST quote-post quoting practically everything heartripping in jeanette wintersonís written on the body.

naaalala ko to e (kung pwede ko lang sulatan yung libro, sinulatan ko malamang):

I donít lack self-confidence but Iím not beautiful, that is a word reserved for very few people, people such as Louise herself. I told her this.

ĎYou canít see what I can see.í She stroked my face.

ĎYou are a pool of clear water where the light plays.í

oha. *insert moment of kilig here*

OST for this moment: jose gonzalez - heartbeats

(cryptic l word s5e04 spoiler after)

so is that how happily ever afters are made? take seven years of nearly marital bliss, add a few bumps in the road, a few flings and near relationships in between, then renewed sexual tension, drinking, noisy bars and boom.

kay haba nga ng prusisyon.

itís just that i canít wait until jodie finds out. seriously.