Feb. 13, 2008

or, as tori amos would say: a sorta fairytale

dear love, 

here it is.

happily ever after

your very own happily ever after. (in pdf!)



a sort of requiem: 

for the longest time, i have been a front-runner in the call for a different kind of valentine's day celebration.

reviews of old blog posts remind me that not so long ago i had been spearheading a certain annual celebration around these unusually cold February days called Alalahaning Single Kami (ASK): Happy SAD (Single Awareness Day) insert year here.

in college, this used to be celebrated in the hallowed grounds of the UP Fair (yeah!) or in some place where there's alcohol and space for angst and other philosophical musings on existence and emotions and metaphors… well you know, the usual college thing.

significant developments however toward the end of last year have led to this -- a drastic change of lifestyle. the kind that has somehow led to me worrying about what to give her for tomorrow's hallmark-induced celebration as early as last month.

i know, i know, valentine's day is something highly commercial, yada-yada but you've really got to cut me some slack because, for the first time in 23 years, i am celebrating valentine's day while inside a legitimate romantic relationship.

trust me, i do not mean to be in any way mushy, but it cannot be helped: this feeling is inexplicably amazing.

so, yeah. of course, i leave you with something jeanette winterson:

But today, when the sun is everywhere, and everything solid is nothing but its own shadow, I know that the real things in life, the things I remember, the things I turn over in my hands, are not houses, bank accounts, prizes or promotions. What I remember is love - all love - love of this dirt road, this sunrise, a day by the river, the stranger I met in a cafe. Myself, even, which is the hardest thing of all to love, because love and selfishness are not the same thing. It is easy to be selfish. It is hard to love who I am. No wonder I am surprised if you do. - Lighthousekeeping

happy valentine's day everyone. spread the love <3