Feb. 16, 2008

the long and winding valentine's post

first off, hope you all had a fantabulous valentine's day celeb, single or no :)

spent better part of last night/early morning at the University Student Council-sponsored Friday edition of this year's (centennial) UP Fair. less than stellar band line up, i admit, but nothing beats Sunken Garden grass and the company of friends, old and new. feels a lot like coming home =)

it's overwhelming actually, walking around the booths, inhaling all that is familiar - the mixed scents of grass, cigarettes and isaw and other inihaws everywhere - and getting all these calls and hugs from people i once knew. old friends and orgmates i hadn't seen in a while, hugged in a while. its absolutely amazing. (”ate kate?” my girlfriend would rib me every now and then. what could i do, they were kids once, you know.) trust the UP fair to be a somewhat venue for catching up. heh. plus: PERYA! haha.

as expected, first official nonsingle valentine's day in 23 years was, um, awesome. that of course is the tritest, corniest way to put it, but yeah. in previous years, i'd been spearheading calls for the Happy Single Awareness Day (aptly acronymed as Happy SAD heh) celebration over at the UP fair, but this year, had to bail because

my girlfriend had other things in mind

apparently she remembered that i told her once how i had been this really small kid when i was younger, the short, push-over type who goes home crying after attending the kapitbahay's birthday celeb and winning nothing from the pabitin precisely because, you know, (tiny voice) i was small.

so. voila. my own pabitin yay with all those addictive kidstuff our parents have warned us never to buy from aling linda's sari-sari. hah. look who's got purchasing power now.

she and i, we like regressing. she's naturally crafty and artistic and it's a side of me i'd never really discovered. my mother discouraged any forays into artistic expression because they were messy. yes, my mother is a capricorn. a chemist capricorn.

but andrea's a crafty capricorn. who likes to see me paint.

oo talagang nakadikit sa ref.
her: it really looks like authentic kid art.
me: done by an authentic twentysomething, yeah.

lately, we like to loiter and go crazy in toy stores

and try out toys together

 and man, she even lets me cut up photographs! with scissors!

(i swear my mother would go nuts over cut up photos.)

in other news, she got published in Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six-Word Memoirs by Writers Famous and Obscure - an international compilation. no, seriously. she's in the same book as aimee mann and margaret atwood. :) of course, my head has exploded in several, indescribable ways.

anyway. i just discovered i look better as a cartoon:
[edit: of course this is beyond my photoshop abilities; cartoon in question was nicked off her lj. hehe.]

checklist this feb:

- get published (check)

- with full name mention (check)

- with v.gay piece of writing (check)

hah. color us v.pleased.

anyway. in a more relevant note: um, say what you want about jun lozada.


so um yeah that was self-serving huh. but really, all that reconciling of confusing truths and half-lies from all sides of everything? not a very easy thing to do. good thing eliza is the patient, reading kind.

don't get me wrong. i think jun lozada is telling the truth. i really do. i really think it's brave of him to come out with what he has come out with despite the fact that this will expose him to danger, and expose his wrongdoings as well as a former public official.

now that's the sad part. he says 130 is too much but 65 is okay? have we really run out of honest-to-goodness heroes that we're actually settling for one who says there's a certain amount of allowable corruption?

not to belittle any of your risks mr lozada. i guess i'm just looking for something better to believe in.