April 23, 2008

ways of commemoration

lately, iíve been doing a little something for my dad - itís a video of sorts for their upcoming reunion. when i say their i mean my dadís navy batch. it was 1977 and the scanned photographs are either sepia or black and white. his good friend tito jun had compiled them and his daughter summer had painstakingly scanned them one by one, then she uploaded ALL of them to a secret multiply account (friendslocked, sadly) so i could get them and lay them out in a windows movie maker slideshow with noel cabangon in the background.

originally, i was working with the original version of ďtoo youngĒ but it was a tad bit short at 2 and a half minutes. i never really looked at as in looked at the photos, minding mostly only their durations.

but when i shifted to kanlungan, i started seeing them: snatches of the young men in their old versions, and hints of the future in the younger faces. my father looked like krista and wy, most especially like wy, around the ears, mostly. makes me feel like iím adopted. haha. but to see my father young once. it was surreal.

one these days, i thought as i rendered the video, one of these days, iíll be doing something like this with more familiar faces.

sigh. tomorrow marks my third year out of college.

ilang taon na lang.