April 30, 2008

la union weekend: a summary

ohlala -- lolo sa la union!

photo taken by almi @ sebay, san juan, la union

eto lang ano, isang panawagan: melawrence, ano ba, si lolo nakarating sa la union, ikaw missing in action pa rin. asan ka na ba?

so. the usual suspects, ano, trooping to san juan, la union onboard a not-so-midnight bus (partas, i'm looking at you), arriving a little before 9 a.m. and then proceeding to get stoked (ohyeah).

pero eto talaga ang summary niyan e:


i couldn't surf to save my life. srsly. even a year later, wala pa ring improvement. hahaha. sorry kuya chris (surf instructor). i failed you. hahaha. pero at least naman di ba me ilusyon ng tagumpay (salamat kay rissa). panatilihin nating maliit ang litratong ito para sa ikabubuti ng sambayanan.

anyway, dahil panahon ito ni brian gorrell at chika time, friends, magkita na lang tayo sa multiply for the rest of the pictures. rest assured though that more than my surfing experience (75 percent of which i spent underwater, i estimate) you made my sunday all worth it. =) masakit pa rin kasu-kasuan, but i'd do it again in a heartbeat if it means being with you lovely people. (yihee.)

ok. pakipasa ang bengay at salonpas.