May 7, 2008

the people we were

apparently, itís World Pangea Day really soon. thanks to cois and his latest post for the heads up. i had commented that i agreed with him that in a way the call to mark World Pangea Day is a call to come together. that the celeb has several layers of meaning (naks.)

anyway, he also asked for a really old blog entry i wrote once wherein i referred to the continental drift theory. i couldnít remember which one, so i googled within my site and found this:

the art of recycled love affairs
a.k.a. another one of those general observation posts. or alternatively, learning from south america, india and the continental drift theory.

wow. isang taon na pala since i wrote that? (read: wow. i used to write this way.) hahaha. to think that a year ago i had absolutely no idea iíd be here, right where i am, right this very moment =)

so anyway. i was re-reading that thing and i came across a reference to the l wordís bette and tina. institution couple, 7-year-strong yada-yada broke up over a third party, man that was harrowing.

so anyway, so they tried to get back together season 3 right? and it was horrible and bette ended up kidnapping their artificially inseminated daughter, right? end of season 3. so season 4 was just HARD man. because tina went back to boys and had a relationship with a guy named henry. which eventually fell apart. but then bette had already found someone else. and so by season 5 (their latest ó oops spoiler?) bette started falling out with the new someone, and she and tina started falling back into each other, IT. WAS. CRAZY. hahaha. so there. to sort of update that article, hmm.