May 7, 2008


granted, iíd never really been thin, much less be the least figure-conscious, but COME ON, itís ridiculous, how one could wake up one morning and NOT FIT INTO 75 percent of all existing, newly laundered jeans. seriously.

maybe if i could swear off cigs, i could swear off half my rice consumption. or, stop with the sodas, or something. just something.

i need to run in the mornings. itís not enough running until lungs drop on tuesday nights. i miss basketball and my old high school lungs and regular training (and lean arms, yeah). i miss having to wake up really early to morning rounds around a gym. teammates, a coach, scrimmage.

or maybe i could learn a new sport. like tennis. tennis is nice. and um i think painful also but nice. or a swimming regimen? mejo hassle lang, but why not?

i think iím too sedentary.

maybe i should stop sending my laundry out too often for starters. maybe yun na muna.