May 22, 2008


With no Goliath in sight, the saga for the American Idol this year ends with a David taking the crown. Certainly this has been quite a year I followed, religiously tuning into Star World on Wednesdays and Thursdays, from the elimination rounds to the finals and through all Paula Abdul’s witticisms from outer space and adjacent areas.

I say it’s been quite a fun ride – but not without the people I had gone ga-ga over Idol with. =) as they say, what a crowd we have tonight. Yes, what a crowd – this includes officemates (whose cheers and side comments made the AI experience a lot more enjoyable), my boss (who lent the section a proper-looking TV for the occasion haha) and my 11-year-old brother (who sends me his analyses of Idol via SMS. Ah, how technology could be so sweeeeeeeeeet).

The truth is, last night wasn’t David Cook’s strongest night, and that made me quite nervous. Actually, I had agreed with Simon Cowell when he said Cook could’ve gone with Billie Jean or Hello instead of that lackluster Collective Soul song. Or, perhaps, Always Be My Baby (that one gave me shivers. Oo, from nicotine withdrawal. Hahahaha.) Even fellow Cook fans in the section had commented Cook’s night was quite ‘weak.’

The reports that came in early through the wires yesterday were a bit heartbreaking also – after all, the judges at Idol had all but proclaimed David Archuleta this year’s Idol winner at the end of three songs. (I was about to say ‘rounds’ but that would imply I was totally carried away by their allusions to boxing – WTF? Sayang kulang ng Round Girl. Maybe in the existence of such I would’ve been more sympathetic with the idea. KLCxSyesha tandem, anyone? Dibaaaa?)

So the editors were like this close to putting in the lead of today’s Idol story that Archuleta had won the crown.

Well, well, well (insert tapping of foot here) look do we have here, ika nga. Hahahahaha.

Ang hihirit na “Luto” ang lahat itatapon ko ha. Hahahaha.

Anyway, I woke this morning to a BARRAGE of text messages telling me of the results: David Cook had bagged it, baby.

The message senders included my boss, who had jeered at another editor’s fearless forecast last night that Archuleta would win it all because he virtually won last night’s match. Her message: “I often say do not trust the obvious.”

As in most cases, my boss was right. I heard that host Ryan Seacrest had said that the vote wasn’t even close, with one David taking the lion’s share of the total.

I’m torn between hating and loving Simon for his seemingly calculated move to pummel Cook on the very last night to get him more votes. Vote for the worst, take that. Ika nga ni ma’am, Archuleta’s fans do not have enough spending power. And that is what Cook’s fanbase of college kids and yuppies have. Okay, may shades of econ na to so I’m going to stop this now.

But to borrow from Cowell: All things considered, I think Cook is a talented singer-songwriter very much entitled to it. In one season, this man churned out Happy Together, Hello (which kind of sealed it for me), Billie Jean and of course, Always be My Baby (which, I repeat, gave me shivers harder than nicotine withdrawal). I could listen to his album all day. (That says a lot about my musical preferences more than I care to elaborate, pero hello, I had Anberlin on loop at one point in this life, and Dashboard Confessional in another, so.)

Looking back, I just wish I’d seen more of Amanda Overmyer (my main regret) and Danny Noriega and less of Kristy Lee Cook. Hehe. I also think a more nerve-wracking top four would have been David-David plus Carly and Michael Johns. YUN ang nakakakaba. But I guess the Powers that Be didn’t want to risk messing with their perfect David-David future. Which I think is perfect as well – if I could do it again, it would still come down to this. I just wish Amanda didn’t leave so early. Hayyy.

Hopes for the future: um, a collab between Paula and Jason Castro (of course!). McDo ad para kay Ramiele haha (Pa-cheeseburger ka naman!).

And careers for both Davids. Sana walang ma-Taylor Hicks sa inyo. At sana (sana!) bumisita ng Pilipinas. Hehe.

So… now what? Parang Finding Nemo lang eh ano.