May 24, 2008


One of the things I look forward to on Saturdays when we have a Read-Along session is the interview portion after – we corner our celebrity reader/s, whisk him/her/them away into the Library and talk casually about the experience of reading before children, of their reading habits, of their own childhoods as surrounded by books and stories, and all that jazz. It’s quite refreshing really, when you think about it – no politics, no heavy issues, no economic terms and facts and stats and surveys, just seemingly idle talk about reading, kids, etc.

So this morning we had Karen Davila over for a brief storytelling session and interesting conversation. Her own words: “What people don’t realize is that I could be funny.” And she is. With all due respect, it was such a surprise. Definitely one of my favorite after-Read-Along interviews.

What struck me the hardest, actually, was her response to a question I posed in the middle of Schatzi’s interview. (Tama bang makisawsaw. Couldn’t help myself.) She was explaining how she managed her time between her work and her family, and she said something like she preferred to weave all the elements of her life together in one seemingly seamless bunch – she works while she’s tending to her kid, etc.

So I asked, Don’t you think there’s danger there – that you’re never really “not at work.”

This was her response:

“I think… you have to define work – everything is work. Love is work. Family is work. Friendships are work – you know that for a fact. If you don’t spend time enough with one friend, you will lose contact. You will lose a certain closeness. You have to see that it’s a privilege to be working – yun ang una, mindset. Everything involves work.”

The way this statement struck a somewhat sensitive cord in me was unbelievable – add this to the fact that she was looking right at me as if she knew something, saw through something. Haha. Ang galing lang.