May 27, 2008

under the weather

time has come for my mandatory annual mid-year illness that involves the usual unravelling of my respiratory system.

and this time you can’t tell me off for smoking because i am now 77 days smoke-free.

but like an ex-lover you can’t shake off the first few months, it seems that smoking and i are inevitably still entwined. it was a night’s worth of hanging out with andrea’s smoker friends inside a small room in Providence on Leon Guinto that did it for me this time.

no regrets though as the night was a milestone on its own — this is 100% second-hand-smoke-induced. yes, not one puff for me.

the old joke was that smoking had “cured” my asthma. true enough, when i was still a smoker, sitting around with smokers for hours on end did not get me this sick. but looking back, that made it a lot scarier — what was the habit in fact doing to me that smoke of that level did not make me sick?

just a thought.

so yeah, as my sister says: for the time being, cough it all out!

gee, thanks.