May 29, 2008

krista's birthday post


you know what they say: friends and lovers come and go, but sisters are forever.

so itís been more or less a year since i moved out of the flat my sister and i once shared. for the most part i think it kind of relieved her: no more sister going home in the middle of the night reeking of alcohol and cigarettes interrupting important lab report and/or exam review with unending questions spurred by one too many bottles of beer or one too many packs of cigarettes or one too many heartbreaks.

on the other hand, i think it kind of relieved me too: no more sister slaving on lab report and/or exam review to interrupt with my glorious musings of the alcoholic kind at 3 a.m.

so suffice it to say itís a kind of relief that goes both ways. was. now i just kind of miss having her around for a random MBB joke.

the thing about my sister, really, is that no matter the distance, no matter how many days or weeks or months we donít really talk or see each other, no matter how unresponsive i could be at times to her academic-related pleas for help, the thing that ties me to her and her to me is far far far from breaking.

sure we have secrets, sure we have problems we donít like sharing to each other, sure we live on the opposite ends when it comes some interests but at the end of the day i could tell: having her around means iíd never ever be alone.

about the same guarantee goes out to you, my dear sister. at twenty now, i could barely afford to treat you as iíve always treated you: my ever defenseless kid sister, always in need of saving. not anymore. your maturity level (which at times even surpasses the maturity level of a few people i know who are even older than you are, trust me) is something awesome. so keep it up. literally.

and yeah, surprising to note how youíre slowly learning to fend for yourself now. go you. hindi ko maituturo sa yo yan ever: kung paano dumiskarte sa buhay. neither can i do it for you. therefore, masaya ako na natututo ka na kahit papaano. sumabay ka sa kumpas kung kailangan, pero minsan lumaban ka rin. minsan mahalaga rin yun.

so. stay happy, stay out of drugs, take care of your heart.

on that last note: ituro mo lang ililigpit ko yan.

happy birthday.