June 12, 2008

day two in this silent life

when i woke up this morning, i thought i would have my voice back. because, seriously, who has no voice for two days, right?

apparently, that would be me.

needless to say, i threw a mild tantrum. “i’ve quit smoking!” i said. or rather, tried to say, because it came out in less than a whisper. “why am i the one who has to lose her voice?!”

my girlfriend humored me by offering to buy me magic slate to hang around my neck with pretty ribbon. sure put a smile to my face.

“you still have your eyes. and your hands. you could write. you could walk, run, play futsal. you could smell things. you still have a lot of things.”

come to think of it, this was not among my worst case disability scenarios — which would be the day i lose control of my right hand, my writing hand.

what’s your worst case disability scenario?

ps rushing to wrap this up. the girlfriend cooked garlic mushroom. YAY.