Aug. 15, 2008

life recordings

i知 thinking of taking down the old blogspot haunt one of these days, if only to put it up again in a much simpler, more coherent mega-site of sorts. blame it on and the simplicity that i知 in love with. i知 itching to resume my hot passionate underwear-scorching affair with html. yun lang, for sentimentality痴 sake, i知 torn between just keeping it the way it is (design and spacing and all) and overhauling it almost entirely (keeping only the text, a few pictures). decisions, decisions. how do we let go of blogs? (thoughts?)

anyway, next Friday (Aug. 22, incidentally also our 11th monthsary <3) my sister would be holding her undergraduate seminar. i知 taking a day off from work to attend it, at the risk of perhaps not understanding a thing. she needs me there. so, anybody else interested in talking about fixing broken hearts? yun lang, she値l talk about it in zebrafish. don稚 ask me why. and don稚 ask me why i知 actually excited. i think it could be for the sole realization that my sister has indeed come a looooong way.