Aug. 19, 2008

an attachment to gadgets

my cell phone broke down last night for the second time.

last year, it was a black screen. last night, it started restarting itself and then this morning it just somewhat died on me. =(

so i spent most of this morning waiting in line at the nokia care center in glorietta, lifeless n6288 in hand. ive had it for more or less a year. id never dropped it, never gotten it wet; it even had a screen protector. it had bubble bash and the mobile version of guitar hero (cries) that we had just finished last night before going to bed. oh had i known it would be our last time together (a tear fell.) it allowed me to check my mail, a few blogs, whenever there was signal. it took great pictures, plus it sent stuff from my phone to flickr directly. (cries some more)

even with a service phone (i bought a nokia 2626 for less than 3k) i feel still somewhat incomplete. for someone who names her gadgets, this is really a heartbreak.

whats even more heartbreaking is the fact that they have to delete all of its contents to get it back up and running again (wails). remember the last time i had to part with a phone, i had to delete some 1,+++ messages? at least i pushed the delete all button. this time i wont be able to do it myself. =( call me sentimental but this phone was my ligaw phone (hah if we could call something such). the jokes folder may not be as sizeable as before, but you know how it is.