Aug. 23, 2008

beware: awesomeness abound

so my sister’s undergraduate seminar yesterday was awesome. as in, brain-numbing awesome. or, total-nosebleeder-awesome. or, alternatively, jaws open half the time / couldn’t understand a thing but ohwow my sister knows A LOT-awesome.

in a nutshell: zebrafish are awesome. as in wow they’re transparent awesome. that’s about everything i understood really, because she lost me around there.

seriously, it turns out that zebrafish are indeed pure awesome because they regenerate damaged parts of their bodies, including their hearts. interesting. scientists found this out by amputating a small portion of zebrafish hearts and observing that instead of scarring, they mended themselves with fresh functional heart tissue. WHICH IS AWESOME. because hey, the potential uses in emo literature, but isn’t it just awesome?


so yeah i was an hour early for her seminar. i realized that i’d never been inside Albert Hall during my entire four years in college. it was a small, clean building, where everybody seemed to know each other - parang maskom pero hindi ko maintindihan lang yung jargon nila.

and there were cats! two orange cats that walked around the building confidently, a lot like students. hehe. i was sitting on the floor indian-style when one of the big cats circled me suspiciously and peered inside my bag as if to say, hmm you’re new why are you here? EH BAKIT BA NAG-ATTEND AKO NG SEMINAR NG KAPATID KO!?

anyway. yesterday was also our eleventh monthsary — of course, even more awesome. there’s homemade dinner of garlic mushroom and lettuce with asian vinaigrette and bizu samba cake and our all-too-awesome garlic press (gourdo sells for P150. pwns.) ah, how i love you. <3 (rumors of pending proposal are, i think, false - i mean do i still have to propose? hehe. no, seriously, everybody's proposing to everyone, it makes me jittery. hehe.)

on phone news — not so awesome, btw — turns out it has been damaged quite severely that repair won’t take only weeks but MONTHS (NOT AWESOME!). kind teller at nokia care in glorietta yesterday told me, however, that should my phone be found unrepairable at “level 3? (sounds sinister doesn’t it) it will be replaced. well, awesome pa rin naman pala. but i bet i will be too heartbroken by that time — wah i want to buy a motorokr soonish. i miss my camera. =(