Sept. 4, 2008

in defense of insect chalk

this morning while andrea and i were having her breakfast, we noticed a column of ants disappear into a small dot of a space near the ceiling. so promptly, i got a chair and traced the ant column with an insect chalk all the way to the dot. yes, i killed the ants by crushing them. with insect chalk.

so i wondered, is that how insect chalk really worked? because i could accomplish that with regular school chalk, or with my slipper, for instance.

later this morning, while i was having my breakfast, i found what’s left of the ant army (about twelve, fifteen of them - i counted, yes) huddled close together. so i took out my insect chalk, drew around them and waited.

so the ants dispersed and stepped onto the insect chalk lines. and believe it or not they started looking as if they were dizzy. no, seriously - they were shaky. and so i waited and watched some more.

fact: this was how an ant would die by insect chalk–

1) they step on insect chalk track

2) they walk around aimlessly - not in a line anymore

3) after a while, they stay put

4) they don’t move

and finally:

5) they let go of the wall. and fall.

i was standing there sipping my coffee when i saw this ant just disappear from the wall. it was kinda sad actually.

but at least now i know insect chalk does work.