Sept. 18, 2008

the return of the comeback

remember this phone?

i got it back this morning. *does a happy dance* well, it was after a horrendous, horrendous queue at the nokia care center in glorietta, but the point: I GOT IT BACK.

anyway, when i got there, the guy a few numbers ahead of me was holding up the line unnecessarily because he was unusually irate about the briefness of his N72ís battery life.

kawawa naman si ate nokia na kinailangan pang tumawag ng back-up because someone either woke up at the wrong side of the bed or isnít getting laid lately. jeeeez. for the record, the guy must be in his mid-fifties, must be a bit well-off, and um, bald. pero his bad luck with his hair line really doesnít give him the right to lash out like that, right? Right.

turns out heís been to the nokia care center at greenbelt and they havenít been able to solve his problem. (yes, he was talking that loud) what he wanted: if you canít fix it, just replace it, itís under warranty anyway. so ayun, pinagpipilitan niya na 1) ayaw niyang iwan phone niya at 2) palitan na lang ang phone niya. which was WEIRD.

so anyway umiinit na rin ulo ko sa kanya (sobrang naaawa ako kay ate na naiiyak na ata dahil sinisigawan niya) so di ko na pinakinggan yung kung anu-ano pang sinabi niya, but he exited the kiosk with this lewd smile on his face, i almost stuck my foot out just so i could give him a concussion.

anyway, i didnít. when it was my turn, i made it a point to smile, as if to say, ďI come in peace.Ē

me: ano kayang meron ngayon ano at ang iinit ng ulo ng mga tao?

ate: oo nga maíam, kahapon pa maraming irate customers.

me: ah malamang dahil bilog ang buwan.

ate: talaga?

me: oo, tingnan mo mamayang gabi.

and with that i tested my phone and got out.