Nov. 22, 2008

an appreciation post

this morning, i woke up to pancakes. today marks our 14th month together =) yey for pancakes! pancakes and cheese and butter and brown sugar and hot chocolate. it was the perfect morning and i loved it (and i love you, of course =) )

so. because even gossip girl has a thanksgiving episode (<3 dorota x 10,000 times!!!), let's have an appreciation post, which is the best and most surefire way of beating stress and negative vibes.

and soooo. dear universe, i am most thankful for:

♥ my family.

yesterday, my father called me up just to say that he was in the BIR with an aunt of mine because she won in BIRís Premyo sa Resibo. wtf. may nananalo pala dun! ayus! and sheís actually in todayís paper. oo kids Page A10. tiyahin ko yan.

my sister went to baguio last weekend and she told me her pasalubong was an oldschool TIRADOR. ah she knows me too well!

the other day my brother won in a spelling bee contest, second place. amazing! or should i say, mana-mana lang yan hahaha.

and feature conversation between me and auntie (and krista):

situation: nawala ni krista yung digicam sa baguio.

me: (over text) mukhang makakabili ako ng murang canon na digicam. palitan na lang natin yung nawala.

auntie: ha? nawala? akala ko nasira lang yung flash?

me: (SHIT) ah nasira lang ba? baka i misunderstood. anyway, palitan na lang natin nang mas maayos pa rin.


auntie: ah o sige. ikaw na bahala ha. dapat me digicam tayo kasi christmas e bumili na tayo ng bagong christmas tree kasi ayaw nang ipalabas ni wy yung luma dahil kawawa na daw.

me: YAY.


♥ my girlfriend.

who woke up early today to cook pancakes for breakfast even if she has to work on a saturday. who makes the best omelets in the world. who introduces me to the best music around. who encourages me to read stuff other than newspapers hehe. who makes the nicest and most interesting things (like fascinaters and felt brooches). and most especially, who puts up with my shadow puppet plays featuring prehistoric animals before bedtime. (donít ask) hehe.


♥ my friends

near, far, wherever they are. may they be office mates/fellow lipgloss fans (hehe) or college friends whom iíve known for more than SEVEN YEARS (can you imagine that!). friends for whom the distance doesnít seem to matter. friends with whom i could be myself. friends with whom i can gay with happily and openly (in a completely platonic manner, of course hehe). friends i only get to talk with over plurk. friends i only get to talk with over email or text. old friends iíve recently reconnected with, thanks to facebook. and yeah, friends whom i havenít heard from in a long time, but maybe i will hear from this christmas. or on my birthday. or on new yearís eve, amidst the SMS traffic, kahit may maligaw na forward lang. =)


♥ appreciative superiors and newspaper readers

alam naming mas madalas sa trabahong ito ang mautusan nang walang patumangga (haha) at mareklamuhan (hahahaha) but this is not to say that we donít have our share of people who appreciate what we do and for that, i am thankful, too.


♥ life's everyday miracles

like waking up in the morning. having the energy to go to work and stay there for 9 straight hours every day. two days off. internet connection that works, somehow. wikipedia. proxy servers. sunshine. full moons. good food. lipgloss. my 18,000 words in my nano attempt. haha.


♥ and of course, love. because it does make the world go around, really.